Youth Ambassador Program (YAP)

YAP is Finally Here!

After years of advocating for our Youth and spreading awareness, IT IS FINALLY HERE!

It’s time that we train, advocate, and spread awareness to our children about Human Trafficking. In addition to teaching the youth about Human Trafficking, we will also provide trainings on Teen Dating Violence, Bullying, and Child Safety.

We are partnering with schools and institutions to spread awareness to our youth!

Read the descriptions below to see which training best fits your needs.

Human Trafficking

Our Human Trafficking training has been utilized for years to provide individuals with resources needed to move towards the eradication of the crime. We implement having the tough conversations to train our Youth ages 14+ on awareness, prevention, and safety. After completing our training, students are then able to put their knowledge into action.To emphasize the importance of their personal safety, our community partner, Professor Credle, provides access to his self defense course at a discounted rate.

Teen Dating Violence

Teen Dating Violence

Our Teen Dating Violence (TDV) training provides readily accessible information and resources to our youth aging from 14 years+. In this training, we highlight the importance of spotting “red flags”, implementing healthy boundaries to keep yourself safe, and exemplifying early prevention tactics to avoid TDV. TDV doesn’t discriminate or give cares to the race, gender or sexual orientation of a couple. Early prevention exists and resources are available to help assist teens safely in recovery.


No one likes being bullied or being the bully! Overtime, it’s become an issue inside of schools where we realize the ongoing cycle and effects of a child being bullied. It’s time to make room for the uncomfortable conversations with our youth that support healthy behavior, and outline the negative behavior in hopes of early intervention. Every child is different and requires a substantial amount of attention that some schools may not have the resources to provide. In our Bullying training, students will learn about the resources available to counteract bullying and also how to prevent themselves from becoming the bully.

Teen Dating Violence

Child Safety

Our Child Safety training is aimed to educate and impact the youth ages 5 to 10 years old. Using our mascots, Able, Brave, and Courage (ABC), to demonstrate and explain the importance of keeping yourself safe! This training covers: being aware and attentive to your surroundings , safe and unsafe touch, stranger danger, bus stop safety, and much more. Paired with jingles and an instructional activity book, this training is set to make room for conversations around child safety. Join us on the quest of saving children by encouraging the youth on the basics of safety.