What are Snack Paks?

Seed Life’s Snack Pak initiative: is a lifeline for college students in need. With a heart for compassion and a commitment to the community, we created Snack Paks to provide essential support to college students free of charge.

These Snack Paks are carefully curated bundles packed with food, resources, hygiene products, and even celebratory gifts. They serve as more than just packages – they are symbols of support, encouragement, and motivation for those navigating the challenges of college life.

Every Snack Pak we distribute is a seed of hope planted in students’ lives, reminding them they are valued and supported. As our outreach efforts expand and donations pour in, we’ve become a vital resource for college students, offering necessities, clothing, and other essentials throughout the year.

Join us in our mission to nourish bodies, uplift spirits, and empower college students to succeed. With your support, we can continue to expand our reach, touching the lives of even more students with the care, compassion, and resources they need to thrive.

Our Impact

Because of our volunteers, partners, communities, and sister organizations, we can reach and impact as many individuals as we are. Our impact is volunteer-based, hands-on, personal, and deeply supported by the needs of those we serve. As the rate of individuals experiencing homelessness increases, the demand for assistance, food, and resources skyrockets. Since officially launching our initiative in 2022, we have reached: