What are Snack Paks?

Our Snack Pak initiative was originally created to provide food, resources, hygiene products, and clothing to college students free of charge. Because of the overwhelming need, we have expanded our program to provide Snack Paks to the youth (ages 5-24 years old) and our homeless neighbors located in Atlanta, Ga.

Snack Paks are bundle bags full of resources, food, hygiene products and celebratory gifts that are donated and distributed to the youth, college students, and individuals experiencing homelessness. Every Snack Pak is gifted as a seed of support, encouragement and motivation to some. As we continue to grow in outreach and collect donations, we have become a resource for families to receive free clothing throughout the year.

Our Impact

Because of our volunteers, partners, communities, and sister organizations, we can reach and impact as many individuals as we are. Our impact is volunteer-based, hands-on, personal, and deeply supported by the needs of those we serve. As the rate of individuals experiencing homelessness increases, the demand for assistance, food, and resources skyrockets. Since officially launching our initiative in 2022, we have reached: