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Help us reach our goal 500 Child Safety Books for Students!

"Teaching Child Safety isn't the easiest... but adding an activity book helps."

Did you know that a child is naturally curious about their surroundings and environment? This includes but is not limited to their schools, families, friends, and even those individuals who are “Mommy's" or "Daddy’s” friend picking them up after school. We know that sometimes initiating these conversations can become difficult, but this time, you don’t have to do it alone! Instead, allow Able, Brave, and Courage, to teach your child about Safety, Stranger Danger, and Online Safety!

What is Safety and why is it important to be aware of our surroundings?

  • How to spot a Stranger to avoid Danger
  • Exercising Safety while being online.
  • Knowing Bus Stop safety with friends

...and many more. After completing the activity book, your child will receive a completion certificate and wristband making them officially apart of the Y.A.P. Pak!

This 19 page activity book is full of coloring, learning, and information! It's recommended to use this tool to shed light on the importance of Safety to inform your child and those around them. Help us spread awareness to every child by sponsoring as many Child Safety books as you can, because awareness starts with us!

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